Here I am!


Hello! My name is Rossana, I have a whimsical mind, I am a fanatic animal lover, and a compulsive chocoholic. I love live music, especially rock venues. I have a passion for Murakami books and enjoy good beer with friends. I proudly created Rock Couture a couple of years ago.
Rock Couture is a concept of clothing that speaks directly to women who want to feel free to express their personality every day and on every occasion, who do not conform with the social schemes, and certainly not with the mainstream fashion trends.


In a dark period in my life, I decided to take my destiny into my own hands. Rather than becoming overwhelmed by certain events, I chose to turn chaos into a creative explosion of expression.
I’ve always liked fashion, so, with zero tailoring experience, I began this journey by attending a sewing course that provided me with the bases from which I could experiment freely, without patterns or rigid dictates, letting the fantasy gain the upper hand on rationality.
Overcoming a thousand difficulties, and powered by my passion for this work, I began to shape Rock Couture inspired by the world of music, which for me has always been a way to express my desire for freedom, joy and inventive impulses. Just as music is very diverse and multifaceted, even in my creations I try to express this eclecticism with garments that see tulle coexist with African wax fabrics, chiffon with personalized prints, pin-up style clothes with harem pants.


I sew my rebel creations in my small workshop in the province of Padua, in Italy. From here I bring forward my creative revolution to support the renaissance of every woman, a manifesto of freedom, possibility of expression, uniqueness and reaffirmation of a strong personality through original clothes, sewn around you and with you.
Each of us is different and valuable, and there are far too many people who do not recognize our true worth, who do not listen to us or even give us a voice!
That’s why my creations focus on you by putting you right in the center of the creative process, starting from the selection of fabrics, to creating and adapting together, where possible, the pattern to your needs.
Driven by the desire to offer something unique, that only my “soulmates” (I do not like the word customers) could wear in the world, I recently started to personally select the graphics for my clothes. I have them printed in Italy by a company that I have chosen for the attention it places on the quality of their fabrics.
Mine is a small business. I do not produce anything in series, but only limited edition garments, with enormous passion for what I do, and with a maniacal care for details… which one could consider close to the edge of obsession! I personally choose the materials that I work with from companies with a clear work ethic, environmentally friendly and that do not exploit labor. Regarding my African fabrics, they are chosen from companies that produce directly in Africa, helping the development of local businesses. And if you also share these beliefs, you will know how to cherish ad value these handmade creations.


I think of the history of Rock Couture as that of a community of free women, a story that we will create together.
Do you want to challenge preconceptions and tell everyone who you are? Are you tired of a fashion business that homologates all of us, tired of schemes that enclose us in boxes to make us feel all the same? Do you want to feel free to wear a garment that expresses your uniqueness and originality?
If you are, I am here for you, tape measure in hand and sewing machine ready to sew. Please check out my online store to browse your favorite products, and feel free to send me a message, I welcome your feedback! Let’s start this journey together!

Thank you so much!