Red passion! My new long tulle skirt

Well, It hink some of you have already guessed that tulle is one of the fabrics with which I deeply love to pack my creations! I love the fluffiness that this material allows me to reach, a coloured and charming cloud that I decided to reproduce with this new creation using the two symbolic colors of my logo.

If you are passionate about fashion, you’ve probably seen that tulle is a material that nowadays can increasingly be seen on haute couture catwalks. I have no claim to compare me with high-fashion masters, but let me say that with my passion for this material I anticipated even the most famous designers 🙂   🙂   🙂

Think, think, think … my mind never stops: “Ok, black is on of the color that I like the most, of course, but, hey, even the red is not bad! A nice long stulle skirt in red color would definitely look great!”

I then started to think about the design, I wanted it to be floor-long, very soft and fluffy, and at the same time I wanted the petticoat (obviously of the same color) to be made with a natural material, and, given that I am proposing it for the winter season, this material had to protect those who wear it from the cold.

Choosing fabrics  is a very important activity, navigating between the various types and characteristics is an activity that takes time, perseverance, and help especially of experienced people! Here I have to thank the owner of my favourite fabric shop, where I buy most of the fabrics that I use, for enriching every time my “vocabulary” in the field of fabrics!

For the petticoat so I opted for the Bemberg Cupro®, a popular fiber in the field which is highly appreciated in the filed of tailoring and clothing for its quality, similar to silk. It  is a breathable fabric, it allows to control body temperature, it is therefore good for a dress to be worn in winter. In addition, it is anti-allergic, anti-static and resistant to ironing. It is a fabric that offers a sense of comfort, freshness and cleanliness.

Dettaglio tessuto Bemberg Cupro®

So here is the result of my creative “fury”!

“La mia gonna lunga in tulle rosso

Yes, I know, it’s not a skirt that leaves you unnoticed when you walk on the streets, but nonetheless this is an easy item, very easy to wear even to match.


Furthermore, the goal that I have set to achieve with my clothes is exactly this: to dare … to show the world the uniqueness of the personality of every woman … fight the standardized clothing conformity with both simple and complex items, made with a passion that burns within, red like fire … red as my new creation.

Io ho deciso di abbinarla così

And for those who want to support me, well..questo is the link to the product in my shop.

On to the next creation…and keep on rockin’

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