My new plated skirt

You might be tired, like me, to see my creations photographed in monotonous and in a not very charming atmosphere ….

Good!!! Reckless as I am (recovering from various ailments), together with my partner and official photographer, we decided to find an alternative and “decadent” place to highlight the dark-punk soul that characterizes my personality and my style.

What better time could I have chosen to photograph my new plated-skirt if not a gloomy and cold autumn day ??

The combination of weather and the ruins of a former military base, created the perfect set to present my new creation.


Forte Marghera is a strikingly beautiful place, overlooking the lagoon and represents the first example of a fortification built to defend Venice (which is only five kilometers away) and its arsenal by ground attacks.

Abandoned it’s military function, it is now a meeting place for citizenship, with ample spaces dedicated to culture, art, event areas (concerts, festivals ..) and restaurants.

One of the features of the site isthe presence of many cats, that roam freely around the park (for years, in fact, is home to an important cat colony).


When I had the wonderful French jacquard fabric in my hands, I already had in mind tpo create a plated-skirt… but, as I was caught by a slight “performance anxiety,” I got stucked … fear … tension. ..WIll I make it?

Therefore, stubborn and headstrong as I am, I got in the game, and after spending some time in understanding how to fold the cloth (you need precise calculations to do that!), I started to draw and later to baste the fabric and…it was magically before me!


Exalted and excited just because I was able to complete my “creation” I started to sew it. Meanwhile, I prepared the waistband, and I chose an side invisible zipper as a closure, ie a zip that practically you can’t see (here, I say it,  sooner or later I will buy the presser foot for the machine suitable to sew it!) .

Dettaglio di una cerniera invisibile

I adore plated skirts, and I will create some other that you will be able to find in my e-shop



….I won’t say anything, since I’m too superstitious, but I leave you with this beautiful song!!!! 😉


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