Because for me music is important…

You may be wondering why each of my creations is accompanied by some lyrics of a song …. especially rock songs.

I love music in general: I love going to concerts to enjoy the warm and lively atmosphere that surrounds you when you are in the crowd, singing and dancing and you participate to what’s around you … to what every artist tries to transmit and to the sensations felt by people around you.

Afterhours - concerto 2014
Afterhours – concert 2014

I like rock music, of course, ranging from the 60s to today.

For me, music is fundamental, and has always accompanied many of the important events of my life. Not surprisingly, I have chosen as my brand name “Rock Couture”!

You will discover from time to time my favorite artists! Today I want to give space to one of the Italian indie rock bands that I love, and I have been following since years … I’m not going to tell you here to how many concerts I attended!

Afterhours - Suoni di Marca - 2016
Afterhours – Suoni di Marca – 2016
Afterhours - Suoni di Marca 2016
Afterhours, Manuel Agnelli – Suoni di Marca 2016

You will find here a small list of songs (I had to “cancel” many of them!) that I love, some of which I have been listening to in difficult moments of my life:

  • Lasciami leccare l’adrenalina
  • 1996
  • Milano circonvallazione esterna
  • Dentro Marylin
  • Strategie
  • Non è per sempre
  • Musa di nessuno
  • Padania
  • Ci sono molti modi
  • Il sangue di Giuda
  • Ballata per la mia piccola iena
  • Elymania
  • Voglio una pelle splendida
  • Qualche tipo di grandezza
  • Lasciati ingannare
  • Nè pani nè pesci
  • Se io fossi il giudice

Finally, after many years, this summer I was able to meet Manuel Agnelli, singer-author-frontman of the group.


From the last album (Folfiri o Folfox) I suggest you to listen to “Non voglio ritrovare il tuo nome”, which, by the way, partecipates to the “Targa Tenco 2016” prize, a very important prize in Italian for indipendent bands and singers.

Happy listening!

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